In the middle of my nest


Order has been restored at our house.

The Internet connection has been fixed.

(I feel like that sentence should be accompanied by singing angels and bright light.)

So I am once again ruling the house from my bed. My laptop within reach. The TV on some kind of Law and order show. The room is deliciously dark and is a comfy seventy degrees.

This is my nest, from four pm to bedtime. This is my sanctuary. It was disrupted and I didn’t realize how much it had bothered me.

I had not realized it until I was back in it and I immediately thought. ” Ahhhh, relief”

It is funny what we start to take for granted.

Its not that my bed was not here, it was. It was not that I didn’t have books to dive into. I did and did read a lot.

After being out and about after getting the kid up and ready and to school. Then I played with Snickerdoodle. Pick up the kid and then go with Princess P and her mom to feed the goats. Sounds like so much but there was lots of time for rest during the day. Not every day is this busy.


No sooner had I written this out,was in fact sending the above picture from my phone to my email……a loud bang sounded off. Followed by flicker flicker and no power.
So much for a return to normal. Here I am on WordPress android app, reading my book when I need a break….waiting for pizza to be delivered. We called the power company who confirmed a transformer blew… the book I am reading their sci-fi world is not interrupted by transformers blowing. So they have invasive aliens……Meh…it could work.. the power company asked if we lived in a gated community requiring a code…yes its called hell.
I really do know this is first world problems and in the grand scheme of this is minor. When so much of your life is disrupted by a chronic illness that never gives you reliable always the same symptoms you tend to take the small normal everyday things like internet and power very seriously.
Although if this keeps up I will run out of books to read quicker than originally planned. Send books.


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  1. Our power was out right after we moved into a new apartment. It seriously throws you off kilter. It’s something we take for granted and miss terribly when it’s gone. I feel your pain (about the power)!


  2. the power company asked if we lived in a gated community requiring a code…yes its called hell. — That cracked me up! I find myself in first world problems a lot and feel bad when I realize what I’m bitching about, but…. still. My world is interrupted and I will whine.


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