Two new tests in Three days.


Friday am in the ridiculously early morning hours of Friday.  Comcast took my internet connection hostage. They were having “technical difficulties” and it should be resolved by four pm. How handy to have an exact time. Only, it wasn’t. It is now Sunday and we still have no internet at home.  Really its a first world problem and I do know that.  However I didn’t realize how much we used the internet. I mean I did but at the same time I didn’t. Its just always there.  My daughters homework is online. My blog is online. Our banking information is online. I am involved in a Committee at our Unitarian Universalist church and we correspond by email quite a lot. Our phones have internet capabilities. They are smart phones. However we have a smaller data plan because we typically have WIFI most places we go.

WordPress android app and I have had some time bonding. I have even used the voice to text for some of my blog posts on Friday and Saturday. Call me old fashion though, I like typing. Oh my finger joints and hand joints and wrist joints yell. If I do too much so do my elbow and shoulder joints too. I really think I get some of my juice from just the sound of typing going on. It’s a sweet melody to play in the background amongst my thoughts.

We have done a lot more reading, a lot more cleaning and even a bit more tv watching. It has been interesting to say the least. I am done with this lesson. I understand how much I depend on the internet. Comcast you can release our signal now.

I may have mentioned I have some social anxiety. Mostly I am quiet until I feel comfortable then I feel I can talk. There is a magic time that its just right. So presenting a forum on Facebook in front of the church congregation. Actual public speaking. Actual question and answer. OMG what did I get myself into and why in the world did I think I could do this? This morning I took an ativan and got there early hoping to have some time to play with the laptop and projector a bit. (early shows I am prepared right? NOT) That did not happen. They didn’t even know I needed it. ( I could still run out the back door right?) Quickly it was set up. No time to review account settings privacy settings or security settings before people started arriving. FUN. LETS WING THIS. It took a few minutes but finally my voice did not sound like I was on the verge of crying. Much. I wasn’t visibly shaking that I could tell but I could feel it. Half way through and a few bumbles and I realized I wasn’t sweating just from being up front. I was also sweating from the heat generated by the projector and laptop.

Finally we reached the end, quite literally we ran out of time. (Oh darn)
I stood the whole time , walked around a bit. My back was not very happy with me afterwards. I certainly did not feel up to standing to sing in the service. I probably got up three or four times during the service to refill my water cup because SWEATING STILL.

 I did feel invigorated by the experience. I conquered it. I did it. I did not run screaming out the back door. I did not pass out, I did not loose my voice. It helped that the subject was something I was extremely knowledgeable about. So after the church service today the coordinator asked if I would do this again in more of a question and answer style in say three months. What can I say? (I know I had the deer in the headlights look) SURE. (what am I freaking crazy. Don’t answer that) For the most part I will ignore and be in denial about it until the day before, who knows maybe even the day of!

Two things I did not think I would handle very well. I have had feedback that I have handled them both very well. I am however thankful for friends who know exactly what I need the minute I walk in their door!



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