Making business sense may loose you mom business


The kid’s school requires she wear shorts under her skirts. I refuse to buy skirts that don’t have the built in shorts. Its just not practical for us.

There was a time not so long ago that it was not even an issue. Most of the places we shopped had shorts built in.

Reccently I was shopping with a friend and we had gone to three department stores and there was a fairly good mix of skirts with built in shorts that I was looking for. She was able to find dresses with the built in onzie snaps. Perfect.

We still had time left over so we figured we would mall walk and peruse some children stores.

This is where I got really pissed off.  The first one…there were some not a lot. Truthfully they didn’t have a lot of skirts.  The second one though. The lady at Children’s Place asked me if she could help. They had a great selection of skirts. Ones that did not have shorts attached. I said yes do you have any skirts with built in shorts. Not in that size she said we have cartwheel shorts that go under. Let me get this straight, I have to buy a twenty dollar skirt and an additional seven fifty for a skirt. With how fast kids go through clothes…there is no way I can afford that.  Its a shame because i have liked this store for clothes for a long time. I have been a repeat customer so to speak. Typically i do buy the sale stuff but some of those skirts i would have splurged on because they are such a perfect fit to the kid’s personality. i can’t even say they had all built in shorts with the younger kids for snickerdoodle. Those were hit or miss. Business people …….listen up. repeat mother customers that love your product will also spread you word of mouth. You really won’t loose that much by giving us the kind of clothes that are not only practical but cute as well.

Especially with where the economy has been the last couple of years. I have to lean towards the practical. I can’t buy skirts for play and skirts for school. It HAS to do both now.  Snickerdoodle is thirteen months old and she needs dresses that still have the onzie underneath, skirts with shorts. Its just practical stuff.

It really pisses me off that places that I loved to get clothes from who had a good quality product. I was willing to pay a little extra for that quality. It is not practical for me to buy the cartwheel shorts for the skirts. It is not even practical to not buy as many shorts as skirts because I will not be washing clothes every other day.  Its not something that is just for one age. This spans all ages even up to  7/8 sizes. I might consider stopping  it when we step up to 10/12’s but that is probably not going to happen with the school rules.

Is it too much to ask that we get quality product but yet also be practical? Is it too much to ask that companies also check with the general school rules? I am not saying every school but in general. it seems pretty universal to me that schools require shorts under skirts. I am not just saying this about The Children’s Place I mean this for every store that sells kids clothes. Give us cute and practical.  You may be trying to market to the kids tastes but its the mommies and daddies money that buys your product.


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