Step into my body for the day.


I have a new primary care doctor visit coming up.

I really dragged my feet on making this appointment.

Then I made it and I was feeling really proud of myself.

Until I realized I would have to review ALL off my symptoms with him.


This means I need to start paying attention again and write them down. I stopped doing that, writing them down, Because I found once I acknowledged them , rated them , they got more persistent in wanting attention. I can push past and function if I don’t really think about them.

Its not that I don’t pay attention to them. Its more like…yeah yeah I know and shove it aside. Yeah yeah I know and shove it aside. Getting things done and functioning is more important to me.

So I need a list okay. I can do a list. This is my list in progress. Its not all done.

1. Dull ache in most of my large joints and often my smaller joints as well.

     A. also sometimes my joints feel like a vice grip is on them and it is slowly being


     B. Sometimes popping the joint helps, often it feels really good for about ten seconds. then the ache is back. Occasionally it makes the pain dramatically worse.

2. Muscles- various degrees of feelings of weakness, often shaking and spasms. easily get a pulled muscle feeling often doing very mundane things.

3. That 18 point test for fibromyalgia……touch them and die.

4. Nervous system- often pins and needles feeling down arms. across left side of face. sciatica , Often starts with shooting pains.

5. Raynauds- cold toes. turns colors. hands less frequently

6. sleep

7. IBS

8. ADD OCD Depression

9. Degenerative disc disease

10. allergic Asthma

So that is just the start, that’s not comprehensive and there is more explanations to write out.They also want me to bring a list of all my medications. I will also be adding in my supplements.

It makes my head hurt just to see all this written down. It needs to be done and I am doing it , but its made me a bit extra whiney. I hate seeing it all written out and I haven’t even finished all the explaining.  It makes me feel stabby when I see it written down.

However sometimes we need to look at our symptoms and make sure they are just our regular symptoms that we are not ignoring something that is important. I have been bad about not keeping up with the doctor appointments for just check ups and standard bloodwork. I am working on fixing that now. Sometimes we need to take a breather from the constant doctor appointments and bloodwork. The trick is not letting it last too long.   I feel good about the medications I am on now. Perhaps a stornger muscles relaxer but at the same time that maybe something that is just a want and not really a need. In some ways I am looking forward to sitting down with a doctor and reviewing everything again. In some ways I am not. I am working on it. One step at a time.


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  1. I was thinking about your post, and wondering how you get through the day with so many things going on, and I know that you do take medicine, and you deal with a lot. BUT your posts many times are about how you are able to somehow rise above all these issues and stay in the game. Your strength and perserverance are part of what draws me to your blog. Not that it works everyday, or that you don’t pay for it later,

    but you have learned some things you CAN control that make all this a little easier. I love when you share these things. It helps us all!


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