Serenity Sunday


Serenity can be elusive.   Sometimes I use the pictures I have taken to help me meditate.

ResizedImage_1382220999106 ResizedImage_1382220944787 ResizedImage_1382220872511

Not all my pictures are of kids or nature. I often find myself scanning through pictures getting lost in what has already happened.

ResizedImage_1382220843426 ResizedImage_1382220521946 ResizedImage_1382220480722

Sometimes it is something that has just recently happened. Sometimes it is not.  Serenity.

ResizedImage_1382220455662 IMG_20131019_075622 IMG_20131019_075455

Sometimes when we are quiet and calm and silent. Serenity creeps in. Sometimes its just a quick little moment. The way the light hits the trees and it comes out in a sigh.

IMG_20131010_001824 IMG_20131009_171441 IMG_20131008_202914

Sometimes it slips in during those few silent seconds before sleep takes over.

IMG_20131007_205340 IMG_20131008_093114 1382205_587719911275850_152558181_n

Sometimes its a sneaky little moment captured in a second.

1385446_591113157603192_525352893_n 541891_587719281275913_832479753_n 301815_393921830652621_1149496288_n

Sometimes serenity comes in the little silly things. Sometimes its the spur of the moment things. It slips in sometimes unnoticed.

1116010802 Family 406562_300240500023794_1541699124_nm

Sometimes its in the simple moments, the silent moments the silly moments.

DSC02686 25326_1437241375766_7008238_nshot_1377098409909

Sometimes it slips in , in the secret moments. When it does. Take a deep breathe. Hold that feeling.  Take note of it. Give it a smile.

Sometimes it takes searching for. Serenity is worth searching for.


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