When Pms goes to barely there to BLARING RED OFF THE CHARTS



If you are offended by cussing       or                   TMI of the woman’s body.

Leave now.

This is not for you.


So I did some dishes and left a note for anyone who came home to do a load of dishes. left the house. Lunch with friends. Helping another friend by picking up her kid and taking her kid to Tae Kwon Do and then taking her home. She in the meantime picked up my daughter.

By this time. my stomach had started it, I am going to eat myself thing that we have avoided for awhile now. ITS BAAAACCCKKKK!

So I am sulking on the way home, knowing food is only going to make it worse.
Get home and no dishes done.

GO to look for a new tampon because the dripping is SUDDENLY ON MY LAST FUCKING NERVE.

I am tearing through my room looking for the box of tampons. OH SHIT ITS EMPTY.


Hubby says I guess we can go to the store.

NO. I can go to the store. I CAN. NOT WE.

Hubby tried to be cute and tell me a few other things to get .

Like a specific kind of ice cream and I could get Pumpkin pie ice cream.


I get in the car.

Second street there is a SUV cop car. Okay okay look see see putting on my seatbelt. Giving the cop car a dirty look and Poof…Its engulfed with flames.

Turn the corner and the guy in another car gave me a perceived dirty look….Poof …its engulfed in flames.

I storm through Publix . I can not STAND THE FEELING OF A TAMPON LEAKING.

Standing in the isle. Whats my brand oh there it is. size size..I don’t know whatever gets it plugged up.

okay in the basket. Sigh…Ice cream …Fine fine…got the ice cream even got the pumpkin pie

Grabbed some yogurt as it is probably all my stomach will tolerate tonight. Apparently it objected to onions and peppers today. Whatever ..FIGURES.

Also had to grab some cat litter. All while still  at a low level full body ache from that walk from hell.


By the time I get home, there is considerably less poofing into flames going on around me.  A new tampon and my evening pills.

I am feeling slightly better.

I may eat the dam Pumpkin pie ice cream first.

And this is really only a small portion of what went through my mind. I think  I have cooled down a bit and I can’t remember exactly why it all just ticked me off so badly.


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  1. Sure remember those days! Hope the icecream helped the next day! Now, I am finished with all that and am flashing (hot all the time) and then irritable etc. I get super emotional (the hubby really does not know what to do with me, but I tell him just to ignore me and I will “cool down”. My mother never had any of this, and she also never had a cramp when she was young. I don’t know why I didn’t take after her in these areas!


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