Is there ever enough pictures?


There are some times I feel like my daughter got cheated.

Its not for any rational reason. I mean good gracious I have over six thousand pictures of her first year. I do not jest.

However now it is so much easier to snap pictures all the time and yet still enjoy the moment too. Our phones have camera’s

I have at least as many pictures of my friends kids as I do of my own.

I am not trying to be a professional photographer, not even really an amateur one. I know how heavy the good camera’s are and I know I would not be able to take as long of a walk as I do with them.

IMG_20130413_214532 IMG_20130425_090759 IMG_20130426_114001

It’s about capturing that moment. Freezing time. For me just seeing the picture can also bring back exactly how I felt at that exact moment. Not only with pictures of my

own kid but also ones I take of my friends kids. Its about capturing and saving the rolls of fat, the sweet innocence, the impish glint in the eye.

IMG_20130710_132713 IMG_20131010_154819 IMG_20131010_155138

I enjoy taking the pictures almost as much as I enjoy being with the kids. It actually helps me distract myself from chronic pain, depression or anxiety I may have.

The thing that I notice is the more I take pictures the more I pay attention to the small little details.  The more I wonder what something would look at if I crouch down. What would it look like if I stand on that stump?

True sometimes my knees don’t like that I crouched down. They sure don’t like straightening back up either. Its temporary pain and discomfort to freeze a moment in time.

IMG_20131002_122135 IMG_20131008_094821 IMG_20131011_160813

Moments in time that I hope not only I treasure but that my friends also may treasure. I enjoy doing it. The fact that it is a useful tool for distraction is just a side benefit.

It doesn’t matter what others think about my photos. I enjoy posting them on Instagram. I enjoy editing them. I enjoy playing with the filters.  I am constantly reading and learning different things about taking pictures.

I am constantly trying to take better pictures what will and won’t work with my camera phone. What the different settings mean and what they work best in.

Sometimes I am amazed at what works, how just zooming in on one aspect actually makes such a great pictures.  How taking pictures from different angles makes some very ordinary times into priceless moments. The side benefit on that one is moving my body! It may not like it. That is fine. It doesn’t have to like it.

IMG_20131002_121659 ResizedImage_1381608169999 ResizedImage_1381608306479

The wonder is captured. The beauty is captured. There are people who work their butts off to be professional photographers. They have a gift. An ability to capture that moment no matter who or what they are photographing. My best pictures happen when I am centered and content and full of love at that moment.

945047_606278112730485_693049888_n IMG_20130426_192829 1669_497249973656178_393976471_n

Sometimes it amazes me how good the pictures come out. It fuels my desire to keep photographing every second that I can. Freezing every precious moment that I can.

bwmaggie momentsbwdogResizedImage_1380403586667

Some days I take over a hundred pictures but only like a handful of them. Some days I take only five or six photos, and they are stunning.

There are some times that are blurry either from medications or depression. Photo’s help keep things crystal clear for me.

934101_521606577887184_298679556_n 1017321_542933902421118_1437928904_n 1185853_568405456540629_1507108693_n

Perhaps if I had the heavy equipment and the super nice camera I could take even more amazing pictures.

That would take a lot of the enjoyment out of it for me.

426507_497219273659248_1481744458_n 480295_450480448333131_58603018_n 526428_504729729574869_711671797_n

I don’t need to know about shutter speed and what each setting means.

I have the photography I have learned through experience.

Its more than enough for me.

And no I can never ever ever have enough pictures. EVER



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  1. You captured some beautiful memories there! Adorable kids, and your pup too! I find I take a lot more pics now that I don’t have to get them “developed” and they are instant, and now with the phone I am snapping all the time. Even my food! I am not a photographer at all, but it makes it fun for everyone.


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