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Thursday, October 10, 2013
Which is better to jump in: a leaf pile or a puddle?


I thought and thought and thought about this.  If it was me, hands down the leaf pile. Of course at this point in my life it would have to be really really tall or have something much softer than the ground underneath. Just thinking of jumping and hitting the hard ground makes my body hurt. The jarring impact on my joints. The bruising that would be sure to ensue.

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However when I think about this as what I would like to watch my kid do, or any kid. PUDDLES. It is unanimously puddles. The utter delight with that first splash that is all over their face.  The multiple jumps splashing more and more water up at them. The giggles that always just creep out slowly and then explode.  Some of the kids I have seen do this get this little impish delight look in their eye too. Like I am doing something wrong and no one is stopping me. After all clothes can be washed.  Dirt really won’t hurt them. Kids need to be covered in dirt and mud and grass bits and small sticks and leaves in their hair. That is what childhood is all about.


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Puddles, leaf piles, dirt and mud


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