Crinkling Crackling Crunching


NaBloPoMo October 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Which sound is more satisfying for you: crunching leaves underfoot or bubble wrap popping?

I think if I qualify it with the most satisfying sound, it would have to be crunching leaves underfoot.

After thinking about this all day. Its more than that though its the crispness in the air. Its the way the light filters through the trees. It just adds to the experience for the crunch of the leaves. The slight give in the ground as you tromp through the leaves.

Of course we all know the best part is leaf piles.


We have always had an obsession with leaf piles..


DSC02489 DSC02488 DSC02487

There is just something about the crinkling crackling crunching sound of leaves that is very satisfying. It brings a level of contentment.

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