If I was an apple? Asked the apple snob


NaBloPoMo October 2013
Writing Prompt for Monday October 7th 2013
If you were an apple, which type of apple (Granny Smith, Gala, Red Delicious, etc) would you be and why?

Well I am an apple snob to begin with. I am super picky about my apples. To the point that if the first bite isn’t perfect, I won’t finish it. Luckily I have a kid that is not so much of an apple snob. We mainly only like red apples. Green apples are impostors. (Just like green grapes aren’t grapes)

We like Fuji and Pink Ladies and Gala are good too. My favorite of favorites though is the Honey Crisp.  The first bite of one was pure joy. If I was an apple I would be a honeycrisp. The Red color giving a deceiving look that it is just like any other apple, but its inside. Oh  it’s inside is a wonderful mix of firmness, sweetness and tartness. At one time it was slated to not be made anymore as it is a hybrid of sorts, that was when its true appeal started and now its a coveted commodity.  When its the right time for us to shine, we do.

I remember speaking with the lady who ran the farmers market where I discovered them and she said how it was a shame they were only available for such a short time. I started looking into that with my best friend Google. I learned a lot about apples in general that day but that was also the day I fell in love with Honey Crisp Apples.

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