Childhood costumes or childhood torture you decide.


NaBloPoMo October 2013

Friday October 4th 2013

Writing prompt:Tell us about your favourite Halloween costume from childhood.


Weren’t the 80’s great?  Plastic everything! Masks! Little eye holes! No peripheral vision!

When I thought about this prompt this costume came to mind. It was both my favorite one but also the most tortured one as well. It was hot. I was sweaty. My bucket got heavy. We lived in Florida. October typically has one last heat wave. Mostly its a mild one. However to a three year old in clothes covered by plastic even 90 degrees is more like 40453987938465987953783745 degrees. I know we probably only walked a maximum of three blocks. The average house having 1.2 acre.  It still felt like we had walked around the world. Twice.

Even though my bucket was heavy I kept watching the teenagers with their pillow cases. I wanted that.

All I can think of that explains it well enough is

“I got a rock.” Said by Charlie Brown.

I guess I always kinda felt like the outsider….with the group but not with the group. Can three year olds have social anxiety?

When I remember this costume though I would swear I was five or six. It was labeled 1984. Which would have made me three.

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