Halloween costumes….not just for kids.


NaBloPoMo October 2013

Thursday October 3rd

Writing prompt: Will you dress up for Halloween? What will you be?

See we have this thing in our family……We dress up sometimes too….and sometimes we even dress up for non halloween things too.


Like Ren fairs


We have done some of the classics for halloween…..like Snow White…Which is by the way like my favorite Princess….Well besides Belle…and my own Princess of course.


We even got the kid involved in dressing up for Ren Fairs.


I have attempted the hand made costumes…Thats her in the red and black..>Its a ladybug,….Just nodd and smile and say it looks exactly like a ladybug.


Before the Ladybug I had only handmade small accessories like the headband to the butterfly costume.


We even started dressing her up and up as a family when she was itty bitty


Matching outfits was not always an option…..

The year after this she was a bee and we wore shirts that said Bee Keepers.

I probably won’t dress up this year…I am enjoying watching the whole trick or treat process and being in the moment with her.

Wanna know more about this NaBloPoMo?


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