Mama are we poor?


Oh god oh god oh god okay breathe…I knew she would eventually get around to asking me this question.
We did have a dramatic change in our lifestyles moving in with my brother in law.

“Who said that?” I ask. I am hoping no one but it would help me figure out how exactly to answer that.

” No one , I just thought it.” She somewhat mumbles a reply.

Okay so I can do this. I got this. RIght? Okay

” Well money isn’t everything and we are rich in what matters. We are rich in family and friends who love and care about us. Some people don’t have that but they have money.”

I start out with.

” Like the gold king. He wanted lots of gold but had no one to share it with.” She pipes off.

“Yes exactly like that. We have a house to live in and a car to drive , food to eat and clothes to wear. That is much more than some people have. Then we also have family and friends. So really we have everything we need.”

At this point I don’t remember exactly what she said mainly because it was one of those things that was way way way out there. Something about unicorns and airplanes(we were passing by the airport) and how Daddy likes to take her fishing and a million other things that were on her mind.

I however kept thinking about this conversation. I hope I have conveyed to her that both money is no big deal and money is not everything, without her feeling like she is loosing something because we don’t have lots of money, in our everyday life.

We do a lot of activities that do not require money. However I have also noticed that she is a lot like me. A LOT a lot like me at that age. Okay for me it carried on for many more years. She has no clue about the worth of money. Oh sure she gets that a penny is one cent and so on.  The fact that things could cost more than a dollar is beyond her. She thought her twenty six cents would get her a stuffed animal at Disneyworld. I can’t say that we haven’t tried to teach her this. We have. She kinda got sidetracted by the whole there is tax on this item but not this item thing at the dollar store.

I want her to cherish things no matter what they cost. I want her to cherish them because of the meaning behind it. It took me awhile to get to this point in my life, I would like her to start off with it. To keep a grateful life close to her heart.

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