A sticker can’t possibly fit in there.


Oh but it did. Never doubt the power of a toddler inhaling snot.

When the kid was around 18 months old….I got her these stickers. They were like one inch length and about the same height wise. I was standing right next to her….Talking on the phone but had my eyes on her. She ripped a sticker….Somehow it then got stuck in some snot that was dripping down(I didn’t think she would ever not have a runny nose) and before I could blink.



These were not the specific ones we had. Very similar though.

She was about eighteen months here and Hubby and I tried to get it out with tweezzers….it was not working. The harder she cried the more she sniffed the higher the sticker went.

Off to the Emergency room

Primary complaint for todays visit……sticker up the nose.

Three sheets……swaddling her. Two nurses. the doctor with alligator clamps AND  suction.  The now bloody snot covered sticker was removed. The doctor asked if I wanted to save it. UM HELLS TO THE NO. Throw that crap away before I puke. ‘

Our animal stickers that cost a dollar…..now cost us one hundred and one dollars.

I came home and threw every last one of those stupid stickers out.

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  1. Do you want to KEEP it? WTF? Where did that doctor go to med school? CLOWN COLLEGE?
    My family is famous for sticking things up their noses. The best was a peanut at the circus, then that SAME DAY the other sister was telling the story and using a pearl to demonstrate and she got the pearl stuck up her nose. SAME DAY. And my mom had 3 more kids.


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