When it comes to your kid and doctors….


When it comes to your kid and doctors, you tend to put a lot of your trust in that doctor.

I remember being pregnant and realizing that my pediatrician was still practicing.

SQUEE Perfect right? Not so much. The kicker was it took me 13 months to realize it.

Recently I came across information that an eight month old died from type 1 diabetes.  That now that baby’s twin is being treated for type 1 diabetes. I look back at our four month struggle to figure out the lactose intolerance……It could have been easily been something more serious. more life threatening.   I can’t begin to imagine how this family is feeling. I can’t even comprehend it on many levels.  It makes me realize just how important the relationship between the parent and the pediatrician is.


I may have had my education in early childhood education birth to five years. I was clueless in a lot of ways. I also had some emotional baggage that was still present so I wasn’t confident in my mommy’s intuition.  She was sick for two months from four months to six months but I was repeatedly told I was doing the right things and to keep doing what I am doing. Any mention of an antibiotic or something more was shot down.  I didn’t have any of the experiences with doctors that I have now. It took me six weeks to say NO. WAIT. THIS IS NOT RIGHT! It was the nurse practitioner that listened. Who looked at her history and immediately prescribed an antibiotic and a cough medicine as well.  Not only that I had been concerned about her breathing since birth but reassured so often that it was normal I started to believe it. When she was 13 months old she went to the sick kid daycare……they called because she had no voids and would not keep down Tylenol. They said if she did not void in two hours I had to take her to the ER.  We ended up going after she still would not take any fluids, even refused an ice pop, at five pm.  It turned out to be just a fluke femoral illness. The ER doctor said it was right to bring her and anytime a child goes that long without a void at that age it is cause for concern.  That was on a Friday. On Monday we had a follow up with our pediatrician. Who basically told me no more er visits and that it was no big deal. Made me feel about one inch tall and inadequate as a mother. I finally got enough mommy gumption to say enough is enough.

We saw the new pediatrician.  He reviewed her history and said one more ear infection he was referring her to an ENT that she should have been referred with our family history of ear tubes and ear infections already.

Within two months of seeing the new pediatrician we were at the ENT. Who had to medicate her with prednisone before he could do tubes because her lungs were so junky, he also referred us to an asthma/allergist.  The asthma doctor was horrified when she heard what I had to say, moaning in the hospital , fast shallow breathing. mouth breathing.  She was diagnosed allergic asthma at 16 months.  At 18 months we had done all the allergy testing.   A lot of pediatricians will not recommend or refer for allergy testing before two. Because kids that young don’t have allergies.  The fact that she was intolerant to tomatoes and carrots as an infant didn’t phase our old pediatrician.  The allergist said that shows she already has allergies.  She tested positive for outdoor allergies. Luckily not to cats or dogs which we had/have.

Now having gone through my own process of dealing with doctors and no answers. It wasn’t as hard as with the kid because i could communicate my symtpoms where with a kid, you can’t tell exactly how they feel. Even when she was five and we discovered she was lactose intolerant. We had a great pediatrician when we dealt with that who didn’t drop the ball. He immediately ordered bloodwork, recommended going lactose free first. We would explore gluten free later. But headaches and tummy aches could have easily been continued to be dismissed as anxiety over school. You can read about that here https://chronicallysickmanicmother.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/of-all-the-times-for-mommy-intution-to-fail/    I am thankful that it was not something that was life threatening. That it is easily controlled with diet. That is not always the case.

My journey through chronic illnesses has made me just super aware of how important it is to ASK QUESTIONS. QUESTION YOUR DOCTOR, DO YOUR RESEARCH. if it doesn’t feel right. DON”T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR A SECOND OPINION.


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