Why I write


Some people have asked why I write? Why not?  Why do I write? What do I write about. I will attempt to answer this without going off on a  tangent. 

I am not saying that I think I am this super great writer. I am not.  I am sure no one will read my posts every single time I post. 

I am saying if you have a desire to write, write. Try not to worry about who will read it. For years Talk Therapy worked really well for my anxiety and to help give me the ability to discern what was important. I floundered for a year without therapy. Then I started reading more and more blogs. I started to see this maybe an outlet for me. A from of therapy.  It didn’t matter what others thought if it was helping me then great. 

Slowly ever so slowly it has become more and more about helping other people. Helping other see they are not alone. 

I started the page first.  I was encouraged by a great friend who really believes in me to write. I wasn’t sure I was ready to do that so I felt starting a page would be a good first step. I asked my friend Jenn to join me so again it took some pressure off. It was not about the numbers. How many likes I could get. It was about seeing if there were people out there who would listen. It turned to be how we can help each other. I still have no idea how I have over three thousand followers. That just amazes me on a daily basis.  I have tried not to take the numbers dropping as a personal insult. Try to keep that therapy speak going in my brain. Its not about me. Its not about me. To just keep going with the people who are staying. That are finding the help. 

More and more I want to write things that help others.  It’s a different kind of therapy.  Its working for me though. Getting things off my chest that are bothering me or holding me back.  

Except when it doesn’t. When I want to write. When I feel the need to write. The things I am thinking are not for sharing though. They are mine. They are not ready to be shared. SO I look for ways to write and satisfy that need and still help others too.  

I don’t write in a convenient little niche. I am not just a parent. I am not just a chronic illness patient. I am not just a wife. I am not just a photographer, a nature enthusiast or a book lover. I am all the above. I am a mix of it all.  I don’t relate only to one subject so why should i only write about one thing. I take pictures….obsessively. I don’t consider myself a great photographer. But the very fact that I love taking them makes me relate to what others say about photography.  I don’t consider myself an expert about hiking or enjoying nature. We do however follow up on our curiosity. Why are there no daddies in with the mommy and baby goats. Why do mullets jump? Why do Ospreys make so much noise when they have a fish? Just how long do bee’s live anyway?  I like reading reviews of books, I like writing them as well. I don’t think I am a budding book reviewer either. Its just something I can relate to. I am no marriage counselor but I can give advice, I can also take it. I think chronic illness and parenting speak for themselves. 

If you want to write…..write….If you want to take pictures…take them. Don’t wait. Don’t wonder who will care. YOU CARE. Maybe after a few times you realize no ….not something I want to pursue. The mistake we have been told is that its something you only do when you are trying to find your place in this world. The truth is….we are always trying to find our place in this world. We are always learning what we do like and don’t like. When we stop doing that. We stop living.


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