What was that warm fee…….yup that was Pee.


There are Five kids that are not my biological children that bring out the Protective mama bear in me. They are mine. They might not live with me. They might not be “biologically” Mine…but they are mine. I love their Mama’s too and love them all the more for letting me be a part of these kid’s lives.


There are moments.

oooohh there are moments.

See they start with being so cute….


It’s a LIE!

So what could be sweeter…..Giving the Mama a break and rocking this sweet princess to sleep. Except we forgot one thing….She was still in her cloth swim diaper. She was already asleep before it occurred to me.


After I realized what was going on. I asked for a towel…Carefully moved her away from  me a bit..Tucked it up…and we resumed snuggling while she slept. It already started no need to wake her. She is one of the few that our germs are her germs and visa versa…Can’t get more germy than watching her be born so……

Changing my shirt when i got home was the BEST FEELING EVER!


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