It takes a hurricane approaching to help me remember my wedding anniversary


I know it is a mouthful of a title. It is however very accurate.

September 16th 2000 it was a day I picked. Why I picked it was based on heart not brain. My heart says..September is such a great month. I love the weather changes. The brain part didn’t kick in for a bit. As a native Floridian I should have remembered that is still in hurricane season. Hurricane Andrew was not that far in the past yet.
The day of the wedding we had our eye on the weather…..Gordon was gathering strength out there in the gulf….Half my reception left early to get the last flight out of Florida.

We came out of the honeymoon suite the next morning to see parts of the hotel on the ground……not that we noticed it was storming much, We were sleeping!!!!!! No one tells you just how exhausting weddings are.

There was a running joke that we should name our first born Gordon. Then our one year anniversary came……and we were watching the weather again…This time for Gabrielle……As we still had not had a child we were told we had another alternative name of Gabrielle now. If we had twins we could name them Gordon and Gabrielle.

Then our second anniversary came. Guess what we were watching? The gulf!!!!! This time it was Gustav. It was now loosing its appeal.

Our third? Isabel Our fourth Ivan……

Our fifth was pretty much a blur. We did have a different kind of scare. In July of 2005 I was pregnant. Like big pregnant. Like pop any day pregnant. We watched Gert and Harvey and there was some talk about what would happen if I was in labor durring the storm. Imagine having to add THAT to your birth plan.  AND NO we did not use a hurricane name!

It didn’t let up after delivery either…A three week old baby when Katrina was hitting. True we did not get the brunt of the storm. People else where at it so much worse than us.  It was still nerve wracking. We went to Pittsburgh the first week of September that year. Did that ease our Hurricane issue? NOPE…came back to watch with a careful eye Philippe.

So was five years the breaking point? Would we have a break?


Another Gordon…2006….

Then we had Humberto in 2007.

We had no break in 2008 either.  Ike was picking up strength. At this point our wedding anniversary activity was shopping for hurricane prep kits. Its not something you prep once and forget. Not when you live in Florida.

2009 we watched Fred and in 2010 we watched Igor.

It is a fun story to tell this is true but in a lot of ways it reminds me of us. We met in a whirl wind. We had barely met when he was in a bad accident and was on life support and in a coma. We had been together for three weeks. We had just decided to go steady. When your foundation is on that kind of start. There is little we have found that can shake us. We know just what it means to appreciate every moment. Every second. Not only in our lives but in pregnancy as well.

In 2011 we watched Nate and then in 2012 we watched Nadine.


What storm will we be watching in 2013? It could be Gabrielle who is currently not yet a hurricane. Never fear if it’s not there is yet another developing off Africa!

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Images from Also Wikipedia helped with remember what the names were for each year.


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  1. This could be funny if it weren’t so true. Here in Georgia and in Tennessee they build in snow days into the school schedule. Growing up in Florida I remember the hurricane days.


  2. Yikes! That’s so funny how it was all G names and I names. We went on vacation to Florida two years ago (a week before our 20th Anniversary) and worried about the possibility of a Hurricane. We were fine in Florida, but it hit here in New Jersey while we were away. We returned on our anniversary to a flooded basement, no power and trees down everywhere. Oy! Happy upcoming Anniversary!


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