I really just need a fast forward button


There are people who would say what I need is a do over button for some days. What I think is…I need a fast forward button. I already got this far can we just skip to bedtime? I am sure tomorrow will be better. 

I went to bed last night determined it was going to be a great day. It’s Not my workout, It’s my diagnosis and I had a joint project that we were launching…I was planning on getting in another walk on the trail to really help this whole weight loss thing along. then drop off the kid….Publish post and go from there. 

First of all I slept from eleven pm to three am.  I felt really good about that. I shouldn’t have. It was all the sleep I was going to get. My brother in law started getting ready for work around three thirty….I had just started to fall back to sleep. I think I dozed for a bit. He was leaving. Okay..Lets sleep. Ten minutes later the hubs alarm starts going off. Okay so…Not sleep.So I take my pills have a bowl of cereal and lay back down.  As he is getting ready to leave….He tells me that the kid is awake and she accidentally had an accident in her bed.

So up and atem…No walk right away as I was being moral support for a friend with baby daddy issues. 

Go out to the car. I remembered the car keys. I start the car, Take an extra sip of coffee…Go to back out. Please….tell me that is not what I think it is. Please tell me…..Turn the wheel to get out. oh but it is. It is the unmistakable feel of a flat tire. We live within walking distance BUT I had not planned to walk her to school that day…start walking call a friend to see where she is at as  her kid goes to same school. We get a ride.

 The drama doesn’t happen with the baby daddy. Pretty decent day just hanging out together. 

The hubs goes out to change the tire to the spare. Yeah… about that. He tried. He did. But the jack bent….So my car sits where I can’t automatically see it which means I keep readjusting to see that its still there(lovely little OCD thoughts there). 

All of that doesn’t sound too bad? It could have been worse? Oh I forgot to mention. I have been out of muscle relaxers for about three days now. My muscles are not happy. Mid afternoon the storms start to roll in so now my joints are slowly letting their discomfort be known until about five when they decide they need to up the volume of their complaint.  So overall I feel muscle achey with some tightness around the joints..you know just the hips knees ankles and its starting in the arms and colar bone….no big deal joints.. right…uh huh 

I am just thankful that I have a husband willing and able to take over dinner and homework and bedtime. 

So now I am shutting it all down. Curling up with my medications and a book. Perhaps there will be sleep involved tonight. 


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    • No I am kinda taking a break from it right now. Which I know I need to do because it wasn’t as effective anymore but it still sucks. I have natural remedies but I forget to take them as its a powder mix.


  1. I feel your pain with the no sleep issue, makes everything heavier and more painful. One thing that helped me a lot is listening to audiobooks at night. I put them on my iPod and/or my phone. At first, sometimes I would stay up to listen, but pretty quickly I realized I could listen to anything I missed again the next day. Now the sound helps me block out snoring and other night noises, and the little bit of story that I hear, before falling asleep, helps to shut my mind off from worrying about things I need to do the next day, etc. Try it. It works great for me, and has worked for my cousin.


    • yeah I can’t listen to audio books. I have to have quiet which is why I go to bed before hubs…The noise of the fan is enough sometimes to distract me. I do read and I do need to get back into the habit of reading before bed. It does help shut my mind off. Mostly though it was joint pain which just meant that I did more than I should have….But you know…..REASONS…But thank you for the reminder to get back into reading before bedtime.


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