Books I have really enjoyed reading to my child.


This occurred to me while I was helping my daughter find books to check out.

We are still transitioning from the little kids area to the chapter books but not quite tween area.

There have been some books that I really really really really enjoyed reading to her. There were some that just reading it once was bad enough.

So here are some that stand out to me



Zero wants to do the things other numbers do…..she wants to count. She wants to matter. She tries to change herself. She finds by the end that She is perfect the way she is and she does count . I love the underlying message in this book. We will never get rid of this book ever.

Alexander and the Horrible Terrible no good very bad day


Alexander has a really bad day…Some days are like that. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves what a bad day for a child is like.

Where the Wild Things Are.


Oh there are really no words to describe my love of this book. It was the book I knew that no matter when we had kids I had to buy for my future kid right away.  The imagination the creativity. The fact that just because he was being a monster Mommy didn’t really make him go hungry and she still loved him.

Guess how much I love you.

download (1)

This is stuff kids think about. We still do this trying to think of the furthest thing away and saying we love each other all the way to and back. We still read this book. It is one I don’t think we will ever stop reading.

Harold and the purple crayon


Oh Harold. How I love you! Your problem solving. You don’t need toys to be entertained.  Paper a crayon and imagination. All that is needed. Curiosity and problem solving, Two tools that in my opinion are necessary to thriving in life. 

Of Thee I sing


 This is not a political statement. Just try and read the book without seeing Barack Obama. See a father telling his daughter he believes in her. He believes that whatever she thinks she can do…She can, That her voice is beautiful that her appearance is beautiful that her brain is beautiful. That there is no part of her that isn’t beautiful. But most  importantly..HE BELIEVES IN HER. How valuable is that? ! Its Priceless!

I am sure there are other books that we won’t ever get rid of but these ones have a special place in my heart.


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