My Cat gets my crazy brain.


First of all, currently we have three cats and two dogs and they contribute to my mental health in many different ways.  The dogs are great for getting me outside, walking, They gotta pee or poop and it is not their fault I don’t feel good.

My cat Mikey is a snuggler….but he didn’t start out as my cat.

We had a cat named Mozart. He was a distant cuddler..He would be close to me…But rarely touching. He got sick and died suddenly in like six hours time. About a month later. A kitten was found crying and wandering the streets. I had only been looking at kittens. Perhaps we would find one. Then my husband sent me a picture of this kitten.  That is the one.

We said he was going to be an early birthday present for our daughter. She named him Michaelangelo, After the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. We called him Mikey for short.

But each night I would go to bed with him snuggled up with me. I didn’t want to let him go to her room with her. I feel bad about it now. Even though I know it was helping heal my heart from the sudden loss of Mozart.  To this day Mikey notices when I get sad or my depression is high or the pain is high. He comes and snuggles with me where I am and if I don’t appear interested he literally starts digging on my arm or my chest til I let him in. He nuzzles his head right under my chin. He likes to lick too. Sometimes it is him needing attention. He misses me when I leave even if its just a few minutes. He wants attention and reassurance. I don’t think I realized how much it helped until I was away from the house for two weeks.

This is how I cope a lot of times.


I asked you to send in pictures and a few words about how your pets help you.

Here is what you said:

Rose Clark said:


This is my Jinxy he’s the best cat in the world! He either sleeps with me or my son every night. My sons dad picked him out about 8 months before he died. He’s a Bengal

Denise Latimore Styx Said:


The picture is of me and my mini Australian Shepherd Tobi. He is blind. I went to the pet store for food for my guinea pigs and came home with a blind dog. Yup, that is just how we roll in this house. He thinks I saved him, but he really saved me. I caught a virus and ended up with Congestive heart failure due to viral cardio myopathy at the ripe old age of 45. I have to confess, I had kind of given up on trying to feel better. And then I met Tobi. He is my “therapy”. He gives me a reason and an inspiration to keep going everyday. He may be blind, but he never, ever gives up. He is quite honestly amazing. And he seems to know when I am not feeling well, he won’t leave my side then. He will also stand in the middle of my bed and bark for me to lay down with him. He does seem to know when I need to rest, he is almost always right. Anyway, my health is better and I attribute alot of it to that little dog. I have a big Great Dane mix too, who is a love, but Tobi and I have this “bond” that is different. He really is my heart dog.

Dee Beams Said:


I follow your post on fb my dad is chronically ill and when he is in the hospital this is one of my dogs holding my hand as I cried once I got home. feel free to share on fb if you’d like. I’m a student (older lol) and she was just saying its going to be ok mama

Mattie said:


Our two cats provide love and comfort and comedic relief to our family.

Colleen Kilpatrick says:

My boys my kid has been my right hand man when I’m sick. He has autism and we’ve been through hell and back but we’re ok! Couldn’t wish for a better kid!



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