I can have a cookie but not that guy


Remember that comment that kids are sponges and parrots? They soak up everything and spit it back out, often at the wrong time.

Everytime we go to a grocery store called Publix they have give a free cookie to kids. 

One day we are walking down the plaza headed towards Publix.

My daughter asks. “Can I have a cookie?”


“Yes, but only one.”

“Because cookies are not growing food.”


We turn the corner and there is a overly large man in a Publix shirt sitting on a bench eating.

My daughter then says…..

“But not that guy. He can’t have a cookie because he is fat.”

We were close enough he could have heard. We avoided eye contact and walked faster.

Needless to say we changed how we described foods after that.


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  1. Leave it up to children to embarrass you in front of total strangers! I think the ‘fat’ comments have to be worst! …Sometimes I think my girls do it just to get a reaction from me…so evil!


  2. LOL! I had a very similar experience when I used to take care of my friend’s kids full time. When one of the girls was about three, we were in the grocery store and we saw a very heavy man standing in line. She gasped and started saying, “Angel, look at that man! He’s SO FAT! Angel, why is he SO FAT?” I tried to shush her but she just kept going and going until I pretty much covered her mouth with my hand!


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