We make it sensational


Last week I posted about a woman taking her son to walmart and being attacked. This week we hear this.


I feel nothing but sympathy for this mother. I won’t speculate what mental illness she has. It doesn’t matter. What I am not  seeing is understanding, sympathy or love for this woman because she finally admitted she needed help. Sometimes with mental health you don’t realize you are sinking until you hit bottom. I hope it is her bottom and she does nothing but make steps toward a better state.

It outraged us. I get that. It was outrageous. The thing is…I found it very believable. Her actual response resonates with a lot of my anxiety responses. It is exactly how my daughter deals with panic attacks. She must be removed from the situation right away.

I even understand that people feel offended that she lied. That their anger is fueling the spreading that it was a lie.

WE make it sensational. I fully admit that I spread it around. It fueled me up.

They are both subjects that people sweep under the rug, don’t talk about, or try and understand. In many families it is something to keep quiet about. We don’t talk about THAT.

It is time that we give both of these subjects, Things being exclusively girl or boy, and mental health. We are who we are people. We can’t help that. We should NOT have to hide that. We should definitely not be ashamed of it. It is time to be HONEST with each other by simply being who we are.


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  1. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Trying to profit from something that didn’t happen and sensationalizing your children…that is something to be ashamed of.


    • I don’t know this lady but from what it sounds like her actions are from being untreated or improperly treated…Not every behavior is linked to Mental illness but alot of them do cause uncontrollable behaviors when not properly treated.


  2. My husband suffers from clinical depression and anxiety with auditory hallucinations. Before he got proper treatment like was HELL. He often did and said things that he doesn’t remember. I wish this woman success and happiness. If nothing else maybe her story will get some dialogue started.


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