When we were kids…….


I couldn’t decide what post to link up so I wrote one that I hope makes you laugh.


When I was a kid we used to travel by car up the east coast from Florida to Pennsylvania. One summer we flew instead. I asked my mom how she could tell what state we were over….it was not the color of the map.



I also thought North was straight up in the sky…That’s right ..Pennsylvania…its up north you know in the clouds….



So it just goes to reason that my daughter would have some of the same misconceptions I did. NOPE. I do think her’s are funnier and kinda even make more sense.

We had gone on a field trip to a dairy farm. Cows in a row. Cows lined up for milking.



So a few weeks later we are driving and there are some cows off to the side. 

“Mama look wild cows!”

So we had a talk about domesticated animals and non-domesticated animals.

I am sure my mother had talks with me about some of my misconceptions.

Almost two years ago we went to visit my sister in California after she had her son. I prepared my daughter for how the baby came out of her belly. What I did not prepare her for or even think to prepare her for was breastfeeding. We tackled it when it came up. What I didn’t realize was her wheels were still turning and later that night snuggled in bed she asked me, ” Mama why didn’t they collapse? Like my juice box?”  , “Why didn’t what collapse?” . ” Aunt Ashley’s Boobies when the baby was done eating.”



Lets all just take a moment to be glad that Boobies do NOT collapse when they are empty.


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