Poop like the dogs


So one day about two years ago….I was inside cleaning the house….the kid was outside with the dogs.



I didn’t worry about her when she was out with the dogs. They are super protective of her. They put up with a lot from her. They have come out of her room drapped in beads and hats and what have you.



So this one day she comes inside and she had been outside for a bit so I asked : ” Do you have to go potty?” 

her response was ” No I pooped outside”

” Excuse me? You did what?”

“I wanted to know what it was like to poop like the dogs so I pooped outside.”



Dear Neighbors……I am so sorry if you saw my kid bare her bottom and poop outside.
I couldn’t look at my neighbors for at least a week without turning beet red.


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  1. Is it wrong that I wish my kiddo did stuff like this? He doesn’t. We have to beg him to pee off the boat if necessary (yes we then jump in the water. It’s the river, don’t judge). I wonder if the dogs were confused and now want to “poop like people”.


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