Of all the times for mommy intution to fail..


There have been some blog post lately about kids going to school for the first time. ………


After the way our first four months of kindergarten went, I am sooooooooooooooo glad its behind us. It was one of those things that I feel Mommy’s intution should have popped up and said…”  Excuse me? This is not normal!” it didn’t.

The guilt. I won’t lie. It was bad. I tried to tell myself there is no way I would have been able to tell the difference.  It wasn’t because I was tied up with my medical issues.

Maggie started kindergarten in August 2010 there were many days that she was either sent home or the nurse called because there were frequent visits. Headaches, Tummy aches, That general I don’t feel good complaint.  The excitement the anticipation the new, the stimulation overload of new……totally normal first time in school nerves…right? September….still there… a little less frequent with the addition of allergy season for her starting so she was taking zyrtec in the morning and sometimes benedryl at night.

Allergies were no new thing to us. We had finally gotten them controlled they were rare;y triggering asthmatic reations. We had not had to use an inhaler for two years by this point.

October……she was still going about once a week for a headache and tummy aches….a short rest and she normally went back to class.  We kept trying to assure her she was doing GREAT at school and just giving snuggles and lovings as often as possible.

November….finally yes! something must be working as we are suddenly going longer and longer between clinic visits..

December comes and bam…like three days in a row…The nurse said maybe its a food allergy that causes this…as when I came to pick her up I had mentioned she frequently had belly aches and headaches in the middle of the night lately too…


armed with the large stack of clinic slips….we went to the doctors office. I love this pediatrician and I hope we can get back to him one day, when we have good insurance again. Heck just have insurance again. ANYWAY….

He really did take us seriously….So…HUGE HUGE HUGE…did I mention HUGE family history of GI issues. This is where we had boiled down to. He ordered an H.pylori Test and said lets also start with a lactose free diet. He warned me that it takes thirty days for lactose to work its way out of the system and he would see us back in two weeks to go over test results and to review how lactose free was going….

I can’t tell you how obvious it was three days into lactose free diet that we had discovered the culprit.  Not only did her tummy aches and headaches go away but her whole entire demeanor changed. She seemed clearer. more focused. My wonderfully crazy and creative child was back! . The longer she was on it. The more it became clear this was the problem all along. She got a red label for her health file and we tried to adjust.

Part of trying to adjust was a crash course in lactose free and what that means for her. You see she inhaled milk, yogurt, cheese like it was a disappearing product. She could not get enough. Little did we know that alot of people who are lactose free also crave lactose rich foods.  I spent hours and hours and hours reading about lactose intolerance. I had not know that she could develop it. I always assumed that it was something you either were born with or without. We avoided all lactose. Everything and anything that might have it in it. Even checked and changed her multivitamin(that particular one was a tip from midnight internet researching.

We let little slips occur here and there…..cake, cupcakes, ice cream….that sort…Then we switched her yogurts from soy yogurt to just kid yogurt. Oh oh that’s right I worried how she would react to these changes and the difference in taste. We discovered that all three of us could handle rice milk…..lactaid was also fine, Almond breeze and coconut milk were a no, so was hemp milk.,. We did allow soy milk and it was something I watched closely..if we got too moody we switched it out for a bit.

Now we have it down. If she is exposed to dairy we try and give a Zyrtec as soon as possible if she hasn’t already had it that day…..then we follow that up with benedryl at bedtime.

Three years we finally feel we have a good grip on this. When we can splurge , when we can’t, how to counter act the splurge.

However when we look back…I still cringe just a little. I still have to squelch that little bit of guilt that pops up.


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  1. You … are not able to see that intolerance … any more than her doc or her school nurse could !! Give yourself a break it happens to lot of people … and at least finally you cracked it ! I am glad Maggie is now much better. BTW … I had a friend an adult, who used to pass out all the time… half a dozen or a dozen times a day. Of course.. she was diagnosed with everything and nothing .. from ‘its all in your head’ .. to … nothing useful. One day .. she was going to cross the road – and collapsed in a dead faint, and was narrowly missed by the local bus! She HAD to do something. She went to an alternative therapist that is very well known in the UK and is even on TV. “LACTOSE” he said .. first visit. Long story very short – he was right. She had suffered for a dozen years or more and it had nearly ruined her marriage. He doc didn’t believe it at first .. but after the months went by with no faintings … he had to.

    Then one day … she started again. Just a couple of times…a week. She couldn’t understand it. She checked EVERYTHING … didn’t she ?? Sure she did .. but she didn’t know that the crisp/chip manufacturers had changed the recipe to include whey …. and all it took for her to start fainting again was a couple of bags of chips !!! Whey is in EVERYTHING as it’s cheap and a by product from cheese/milk etc ….

    You have to be so careful!!! Good luck with Maggie … and yourself … and … don’t blame yourself anymore – I bet Maggie doesn’t blame you !!


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