How hard can a family outing be?


So let me start off by saying I wanted to write. I just didn’t really know what about.  One part of my brain is saying WRITE. the other is like…uh, I got nothing. So I decided to just write about my day and see where that took me.

This is the result.


I had decided that the dog we were dog sitting had been so super patient with me and my slow walks.  It was time to go to the dog park and take a hike down the path.  I am pretty sure this is where I lost my mind.

Its not like we have tons of kids.

We have one.

We were only taking Neeka, the dog we were dog sitting.

One thing I had not thought about. Rain. How do you forget about something that in summer happens at least once daily. I am really not sure.


The coloring in the photo wasn’t altered at all. It really was like that. Rain clouds brewing. It was obvious a fire had happened here recently. Fires in Florida have many benefits. They cleanse and restore. Often, not always but often, they are started and put out by the same thunderstorm.  Walking along behind them I was like…..THIS….SO MUCH THIS…Even though the dog had picked a different path than we wanted to go. THIS! Huge breathe in of contentment.


Then we found water. We didn’t just find water. We found parts of the trail under so much water it looked like a pond.We were too hot and tired to turn back. We kept going. Walking carefully along the sides as best as we could. Hoping for solid earth under our feet.  Neeka loved it. Her antics at first made it not so terrible. Then when we were almost out of the water logged trail…the worst was ahead of us and on the other side. High dry and hot trail back.  This is where we found sinking sucking sticking mud. There were squeals. There were tears. Shoes you know can never ever get mud off them. EVER!  I wish I had taken pictures during this part of the trail.  I am pretty sure this ten minutes of the trail is when my back said, ” I quit.”  The kid was having some epic issues with the mud and her pink pants had mud on them too. It was inside her shoe..INSIDE! It does no good to tell her to just walk at this point. She has no ability to process logical information. Hand holding, balancing somehow we got through to the other side. I wondered why I thought this was  a good idea. It had rained heavily for days before this. I should have known.


We got back to the pavilion. Where my husband made us laugh with his antics of trying to get Neeka to drink from the fountain. A few minutes later I dumped a water bottle of ice cold water on the kid.  It instantly brightened her mood. We were hot and sweaty and a bit bug bitten(I took the bug repellant out of the closet it just never got father than the counter).

A quick stop at Publix for Sandwiches and milk, no way was either of us making lunch. Not such a horrible outing after all. The dog was exhausted, The kid not so much. She jumped into the pool to not only cool off but hopefully wear herself out the rest of the way. Pretty please?

Even with medication I knew my body had enough. I had just enough energy not to be laying down most of the day but not much outside of that. Mentally though, Mentally I was not only content but I had all these ideas. All these plans that I needed to make.  The Kid’s birthday party is coming up. I feel like I have so much to plan and do for it. When I sit down and focus ,no, I really am on top of it.  The house is pretty much picked up, dishes are done, no laundry that needs to be done. The kid is quietly playing with construction paper ,scissors and tape. PBS Kids is kind of just background music.


We totally got this family outing thing. Right?  Just as long as we have another week to recover before attempting again. If only parenting was like that. The kid will be fully recovered from today by tomorrow morning. She will probably wake up at the most ungodly hour of six am. She will probably want to DO something.

I think back on today and all I can think is….THIS…SO MUCH THIS. I would have never seen myself being at this place had you asked but I was here. This was my life. I won’t let anyone dictate how it should go. Pain, fatigue, parenting, it really can all go together.



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