My Five is not your five.


It seems like that should be a given.

My level five of pain on the pain scale is not going to be your level five.

I know some people who’s level five of pain is a stubbed toe. I don’t fault them on that. Stubbed toes are really bad.

People will ask me how my pain level is…I don’t really give out levels anymore.

Pain is hard to describe sometimes…..well actually most times.

People have different pain tolerance levels. Before I had my daughter I would have told you I have a low tolerance to pain. I discovered on that day that I can tolerate a really high level of pain. No epidural+almost nine pound baby+one scream=amazed midwife.


I just have this kind of knack for just ….well…ignoring the pain. Right now if I stop and think about it….my shins are bone aching my hips joints are irritated, my collar bones are like touch me and you die, carpel tunnel is starting to act up and if I really think about it…my neck issues are also related to the headache I have. When I pay attention to it, it increases. I also know the more I try to push things aside and keep going, the more I grit my teeth.

I know its not something everyone can do. It actually took me awhile to get to this point.

Its probably alot to do with my Attention Defficet Disorder.

Often it goes like this.

Standing to do dishes.

Wow my back hurts I am not going to be able to stand here long……is that a spot?  I think its part of the bowl? maybe a permanent stain? look outside. It looks nice out. I bet we can get in a good dog walk. Oh walking. My shins are even starting to hurt. What should I make for dinner? Chicken or pork? Hmmm probably chicken we had pork last night. How to cook it…what do i want? Hmmm maybe parm cheese rosemary a little garlic salt….

Dishes are done. throw the unfrozen chicken in the pan and season.

Sit down. Oh sweet lord that feels good to sit. Is it med time?

Five minutes later…I can’t sit anymore my back needs to move. But I don’t want to move. I want to just sit here. Sigh up again.

Empty the dryer. Washer to dryer and new in washer…Okay….I need to sit… Sit down.

This is a five on my pain schedule. I know for others it might be less or more.

Sometimes I wonder how I actually got through the day but it really does go this way most of the time.


For along time this^^^ was the best pain scale to use for me. I was so good at marking down daily where my pain was on the pain scale. Sometimes I even tried to journal it twice a day. Don’t get me wrong…Journaling where your pain is, can be a huge helpful tool. I find it helpful still to use it short term. It helps me pinpoint what is different or what I am doing wrong.

Now I have found that the more pain or discomfort I am in. The more I need to move. Get up . Stretch.  Just for a little bit. Often fifteen minutes maximum.

This is one I found that I really like. It often makes me laugh.


It took me a bit to be non judgemental of  other peoples pain. Often pain comes in more than one form.  The longer I walk this journey the more I realize that everyone feels pain differently and at different levels. I should have gotten that message loud and clear when my rhuematologist asked me to tell him about my delivery of my daughter…Had know idea he was gauging my pain tolerance. He then told me that the way my shoulder and neck feels he has had patients refusing to move the muscles. In other words I was in more pain than I thought I was. That I actually had a high pain tolerance.  Huh….It only took like a few years to get through my brain that my level five of pain is not your level five of pain.

****Disclaimer***these are not my pictures. I tried to make sure that there was credit on the photo. If there is not my apologies.


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  1. I know what you mean! When you go in to a dr for somthing minor (not a chronic illness, like strep throat or somthing) and they say what is your pain 1 minor and 10 the worst you ever felt. Then in my head I think well compare this to the worst pain I ever felt and I am a 1. But If I tell you I am a 1 you will send me home. So think I try and think what is the worst pain most people have ever felt? The worst pain most people have ever had, their 10 is my 8… So I add 3 to get my pain number correct for the dr. So if I went in for somthing minor and I was at a 1 I would add 3, ok Dr I am at a 4 today.

    But I always tell the drs who know me the way I really feel. Because they deal with pain patients often.

    Wow I really got to typing. I guess you hit a button with me on this topic. want to really get me going write about the drug abusers who make it hard for people to get the medications they need


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