Flying is harder than it looks


Fourth of July… was raining.


It seems like its always raining here. It is summer after all.

Wait about fifteen minutes and the blue starts to peak out again.


We had dinner at Arby’s and then we headed to our friends house where we would combined and only take two cars.

This is also when it started raining again. Sigh. It didn’t deter the kids from playing.

They were told to go in the play room.

It stopped raining. My friend Karen and I went in the den to check the doppler radar.  We decided that there was a cell that would be moving right to the spot we were going.

That was when we heard screaming and crying. There is just something about the mommy sense….we kinda looked at each other and Karen said : “Here come the meltdowns” My husband got there first. He comes back out of the room and says :” she fell and it looks kinda bad.”

We all looked at it her shin. The white blue coloring from impact was already fading. There was a sizeable knot. Almost golf ball size.

It was decided that we probably did need to go to the Emergency Room. Great.

So on the way we tried to get some more information of what exactly happened.

She was on the top bunk. They were jumping onto the trundle bed. The trundle bed had a nice thick wooden frame. That is what her shin hit. She said “I got a little bit scared. I had a bad jump.”


By the time we got five minutes away to the Emergency room. It was such a lovely shade of purple. We didn’t make her try and walk on it. We didn’t even think of putting ice on it.  I was trying not to panic. Trying to keep calm for her. So far so good.


I think I breathed a sigh of relief when the nurse asked her what her pain level was. ” Think of one as no pain at all and ten being your leg was being cut off. What number would you assign your pain.”

I know its a standard question. She is almost eight. Maybe she would be able to handle this question. We did have her explain what happened to both the nurse and the doctor.  She looks at the nurse and without a tear in her eye and a smile on her face: ” Ten.” So much for that idea.

I was pretty calm all in all.

The Doctor came in and was really terrific with her. She showed her the xrays of her bones. She managed to miss her growth plates. Can I have some of those back please? Stores of Calcium just waiting to make new bone!  I could really use that!


Just waiting for discharge papers. Finally got an ice pack.  I realized as we went to the car that the only medications I had left was probably not only outdated but also infant strength.  Sigh

Stop at Walgreens for children’s advil.

Then of course we had to stop for Ice cream.  There were a few fireworks still going off.  I had one thought when I got home. Meds! I was way past time and I could feel it. Three stairs up into the house. Mount Everest!

Before I knew it……


She was out. I thought back over the day. I wasn’t upset that we went to the ER. I would have rather been safe then feel horrible if it really needed medical attention. I was impressed that I didn’t have a panic attack. I had already taken my ativan by this time so figured that wasn’t going to happen. Some deep  breathing exersizes helped me calm down the rest of the way. The weight of what happened hit me and I was out like a light.

I realized that this is probably one of those childhood rites of passage where the mother gets her heart in her throat and the child learns a hard lesson. Even with the boost of the top bunk…she can’t fly.

You would think that staying up til eleven pm or so , she would sleep in. NOPE. My sunshine was up at six thirty just like always. All I can say is thank goodness animal planet is on 24/7!


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