Are you really what you eat?


Recently I was told that I was making myself sicker by eating snickers and Mt. dew. It was a snap judgement of someone who really doesn’t know me. I am not defending myself here but explaining why in a way she was right.

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It did however start me thinking.  So many people don’t realize how much my eating habits have changed. How much I have researched food. Are we really what we eat?

In many ways yes we are.

Sugar being the number one enemy of people with Chronic illnesses. I freely admit that many times I use it to push myself through things I need to get done.  It gives us sometimes just the psychological belief that it is helping.  Some days, its a whatever work approach. I get that.

I know there is a difference between types of sugar. I know the sugar crash can be extremely hazardous for someone with Chronic Fatigue. We are already so tired that an additional reason for exhaustion is not needed. Sugar can and will suppress the immune system. Something we seriously don’t need. Sugar makes the muscles less elastic , makes them hurt more. Like we need more of that!


At home we have fresh fruit, fresh vegetables. We use a lot of unprocessed foods in the house. When we grocery shop we look at sugar constant how much additives and preservatives in what we are buying. Soda is not something we typically have on hand. Thirsty? Milk or water.  Our treats are typically juice, not from concentrate. Fresh squeezed is best. We actually live within walking distance to an orange grove that sells their juice. One thing Floridians are serious about is their orange juice.  Add to the fact that I can’t eat any thing with corn products in it. My daughter can’t handle lactose.

The one other area I have trouble with is Carbs. I love carbs. I adore carbs. I know carbs raise sugar and not necessarily in a good way.I have a hard time with limiting bad carbs. Have you tried to find bread without corn products in it?  I was shocked at how many had High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. It took us a long time to start eating and liking the good grains. Its still a process.

We are really lucky in that neither of our allergies are life threatening. They are currently more like intolerance’s. However I know from past experience that intolerance can quickly go to anaphylaxis very quickly.Its happened to me before.

I have taken years to get myself to eat foods that are good for me. I didn’t like the taste most of the time. It was a work in progress. I wasn’t always happy about it. It took  many times going back through articles I had found. Reminding myself over and over why I needed to do this.

The funny thing is. The more I ate healthy and the right foods. The worse I felt when I ate stuff that wasn’t good for me. Donuts, Mt. dew, Snickers. Yup. I love them. They just don’t love me back so much anymore.

I am not saying this is solely the reason you feel bad. Its not solely the reason I feel bad after eating such foods. Typically if I have a need to eat these things I am typically also pushing myself past what I can handle.

I hope that the changes we have made set my daughter up to eat and enjoy much healthier foods. To understand that food can be healing and good for you.  To understand that she must balance the bad foods with the good foods. I hope I have taught her enough “tricks” to eating sugary foods. We have a rule that sugar comes after protein. That if we have juice we have twice as much as water. I hope she has picked up on the little ways to boost her immune system so she won’t spend as much time sick in bed.  I feel little triumphs when she asks for green juice when she is constipated.  When she asks for kefir when her tummy is bothering her.

There are many hidden dangers in the food that is available now. I can only imagine what it will be like when she is older. I imagine it will be harder and harder. I hope she will fall back on reading labels and ingredients. That she will fall back on if you want fruit, buy fresh fruit.  I know what was fairly easy for my mom to avoid in foods for me is now not so easy. I can only imagine what she will face when she has a kid.

For years I didn’t believe alot of the information out there about food. I would try going without these foods and it really didn’t seem to make a difference. I received a crash course in going lactose free when my daughter developed an intolerance to it. It takes at least a month for lactose to exit your system. Once I realized that, I realized I had not given the diet changes long enough to actually work.

Are we what we eat? Sometimes we are.



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