You can’t force inspiration.


You may think this is about writing. In a very small way it is. Mostly though, its not



Its about people, the people that end up inspiring you. Its about the people who support you without even trying.

Sometimes it works to find a quote that really speaks to you and let it inspire you. Sometimes it lasts for years and years. Sometimes not.

Sometimes you can say this is going to be my inspiration.

Sometimes you suddenly realize that there is a person who is inspiring you to be better, to strive for better.

They come along at just the right time. I have two friends that do this for me. One I have never met in person. I have followed her blog and we have “known” each other for years. It has only been recently we have connected and almost channeled each other. I love her positiveness. I love how she doesn’t allow herself to stay grumpy.

As someone who would describe themselves as a mix of Eeyore and Piglet…I never thought I would enjoy the company of Tiggers. Then I basically married a Tigger.

Sometimes your subconsciousness knows what you need long before you admit its what you need.

I have another friend that I would never have met had our kids not made instant friends. She understands me and accepts me just as I am. She allows me to be who I am, She frequently will tell me you are allowed to feel that way. Whew. What a relief that gives an anxiety ridden person. She centers me when I am a mess. I have called her in complete full out sobbing tears. My anxiety helps her make better decisions. Never thought I would see much positive use of my anxiety. It helps her see more sides of a decision. Anxiety tends to let me be more creative as well which opens whole other doors.

I find myself thinking. What would they do? If they had this happen what would they do. I know that seems to others to have started with Christianity and Jesus but really, it applies to anyone who inspires you. If they make you stop and think, repeatedly , and strive to do better to be better, then they are your inspiration. Sometimes you don’t want them to be. Sometimes  its not who you thought it would be.

I will freely admit I often thought of what they would do long before I realized they were inspiring me. I found myself doing small things that I knew they would approve of. Like picking up the dog’s poop even if it is on the side of the road no one walks on and no one will notice…I notice.  Like deciding I have been grumpy long enough and let others bother me long enough, Time to do something flareworthy.

I hope my daughter doesn’t have the same struggles that I have. I hope she has long lasting supporting friendships. I hope she has people who conscientiously support her. Who inspire her. I hope she looks for inspiration. I hope she searches for it.

For a while self analysis made me squirm. It still does sometimes. Normally the more I squirm the more I need to look at why.


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