This is a short post….

Am I going to let someone’s rude comments who doesn’t know my life bother me? NO….well maybe for a few minutes.

I went and got a Mountain Dew…Its my comfort drink…

Then I decided if I am going to be bent out of shape from stress…Then I am going to turn it into a flareworthy experience.


We have a nest of woodpeckers right outside of my bedroom window…Some mornings…It is not a joy!

So sat on my car….muscles burning…and trying to be as quiet as possible…



Not the best pictures…But shakey muscles and a phone camera…..



They really aren’t horrid. My daughter and I had a good time watching them.

I don’t think I can complain anymore about how much she eats..We couldn’t tell if there was more than two parents bringing food but I don’t think it was a full five minutes between food. Woodpecker parents also apparently have picky eaters…They flew in with a red berry….only to fly off with it. Squished bugs was what this one wanted. Perhaps there is more. There nest is actually a good six to twelve inches down inside the tree. 

Flareworthy time.



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