Hug them a little closer today


Its one thirty in the morning and the more I tried to get back to sleep the more the news report about the tornadoes in Oklahoma was on my mind. I think it has to be one of the top five of parent’s worst nightmare. Not only not being able to get to your child but to then loose that child. There are now also children without parents. My heart just weeps for these parents and these children.

Tomorrow well, actually it would be this morning, when I drop my daughter off at school. I plan on giving her extra hugs and kisses. The radio we normally have on to NPR will be off. If only to protect her from hearing the news just a little longer.

I have lived through hurricanes all my life. I know how devastating those can be. I have only thankfully seen tornadoes from afar and never been directly impacted by one. However having seen hurricanes I can understand how quickly damage can be done by tornadoes. Tornadoes are actually one of my triggers for panic attacks so I am really not surprised I am awake in the wee hours of the morning.

I have taken more medications to help alleviate the panic attack and just keep repeating to myself I will hug and kiss my daughter repeatedly tomorrow. No matter how she squirms and says MOM your embarrassing me. No matter how much my collar bones hurt , no matter how sensitive my skin is to the touch.


For those pains are just so very fleeting compared to what some parents will be dealing with in the morning. So hug them a little closer today and cover them in kisses.


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