There is a brain in here some where……..


I know I was born with one……

I must have had one at some point…..

I am still catching up on sleep and today fibro fog hits…

Don’t say anything that needs to be processed…simple commands are really best at this point.

Drive to school.Pick up kid. Drive home. Start dinner, Walk the dogs. This is why I love my daily list. It seems silly….but some days it even takes me while to remember I HAVE a list.

Fibro fog can be challenging on its own. Its not just forgetting a word or phrase. Sometimes it can be dangerous. Did I take my pills? Or did I just think about taking my pills? Its not easily fixed because the next day it might not be my pills….it could be I forget to eat lunch, or put water in to make the coffee.Its thinking one thing but writing another, not a big deal you say, try doing that on a check! Its short term memory loss, Oh well why didn’t you tell me? Oh you did tell me? Really? Five minutes ago? NO WAY! Its trying to multitask by cooking dinner and standing two feet away doing dishes and burn dinner.  Its really hard to describe it to someone who doesn’t experience it. The closest you can come is the sleep deprivation of a new parent.

Sometimes I can predict when its going to happen. I haven’t slept enough, I am having higher than normal pain, or if I am doing something that requires alot of thinking. Those are good indicators that my cognitive abilities will be impaired.

Sometimes I am having a great day in all areas and out of no where the fog rolls in. Easily distracted doesn’t even cover it at that point. Its these days that I feel the most useless. I can litteraly stare off into space thinking of absolutely nothing for hours. It sounds like a nice break but really, there are things I should have been doing, things that really need to be done. It really does frustrate me in ways that no other symptom or problem I have does.

I read a bunch of articles on Fibro fog the past few days and I can totally see why some patients are scared they are now developing Alzhemeirs. It is scarily the same in many areas. It nice to hear that it is not something I am alone in. I helped care for a relative with Alzheimers and its not something I want to experience or something I want my family to deal with.

So I read, I arm myself with knowledge about it. I try to do at least one brain training activity  a day.  I write down as much as I can as often as I can so that I can keep things fresh. So that if I feel like I am loosing a memory or what not I can read it, look at a picture and keep it close.

Just like they don’t know why people have or develop Fibromyalgia. The Fibro fog aspect eludes them as well. They have all kinds of theories. They even give it a fancy name…they call it dyscognition.  The good news is they believe IN it now. Its not down to an exact science that they can do a lab test for it but they can do simple cognitive testing to decide how severe it is.

With them having made the “discovery”of something we already knew was real. They have some ideas on what causes it. Actual brain loss may be a cause, some researchers believe. Fibromyalgia patients showed 10 times the gray matter loss than those aging normally, according to a 2007 study by Montreal’s McGill Centre for Research on Pain. They also say there could be lack of oxygen and further neurological changes that are occurring.

There are all kinds of things that you can do to a certain extent to try and cut back on the amount you deal with. They will tell you get as much sleep as you can, exercise, stay hydrated, eat a low carb diet. Thats all good advice but telling a patient with Fibromyalgia to get more sleep doesn’t really help.  Its not the amount of sleep you need its the kind of sleep you need.  You need restorative sleep in order to have better cognitive abilities. Restorative sleep is often a very hard thing for fibromyalgia patients to achieve.I know I don’t get enough of it. Somethings that do help me are my lists, having a routine, and putting things away in the same exact spot. If I don’t hang my keys on the hook right by the door right when I walk in the door, I will spend at least fifteen minutes looking for them. Exercise is a great idea in theory. Its very hard for someone who’s muscles constantly hurt and ache to push themselves to exercise. Some days the only motivation I have for taking a walk is the dogs really really really need to go potty.  I understand the theory behind a low carb diet but for many patients with Fibromyalgia they deal with a certain level of depression and carbs help keep your serotonin levels up. I can do pretty good for a few days in a row but I NEED my carbs to keep me going.

There are days that no matter how much sleep I got, how balanced I ate, even walked the dogs a bit, I still loose my train of thought, transpose numbers and letter and a whole host of other things. Its probably the most annoying part of Fibromyalgia to me as I don’t feel as educated as I know I am. I get frustrated when its not even six pm and my brain can not even handle reading a book.

One thing that helps me in this area is I have a good sense of humor. I can laugh when I find my car keys in the refrigerator, or forget what I am doing and why I am doing it.  Most of the time I can adjust my schedule so that it doesn’t really matter. It wasn’t always like that and I look back and wonder how I ever did as much as I did. Two things come to mind. Caffeine and chocolate. Its a temporary fix I know. But sometimes you have to go with what works, what gets you through.


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