Sometimes you need to take a mental break…..


I thought I would talk about my happy hunts a little. These are times that nothing is really working for me. Meditation this way helps me.

So sometimes when I am hunting for my happy, I go on mental picture hunts on google images. I put them in an order that seems logical and try to immerse  myself  in the pictures.

So this last time I decided I wanted a forest hike. I have such good memories from prior to my illness hiking parts of the Appalachian trails


So here is the field we have to cross to get to the forest trail. As we walk through the knee high grass butterflies and grasshoppers move out of our way. Its clear and crisp outside in the early morning.The morning dew is still thick on the grass. The grass clings lovingly to our legs as we pass. There are some birds chirping quietly to themselves. It has that stillness that only first thing in the morning in the woods can bring.


We start our hike here. The ground is a bit bumpy but it has a good mulch kind of feel to it. The crispness of the field is not as strong here….here its almost a wet fog feeling. Squirrels and lizards are scampering about sending the sounds of nails on bark and leaves being crushed under foot


We have come to the part of the trail that  sun is just now hitting. The sunlight falls softly through the trees. It makes the leaves and grass look so much greener. So alive. The wet fog feeling is lifting and its turning into the perfect day for a hike. A level of contentment settles in.


The path is taking us around a curve. There is a steep ravine on one side and we can see way down at the bottom a little trickle of water flowing.


Here is a nice bench to just sit and relax and soak up the beauty around us. Listen to birds chirping and squirrels chattering and just take it all in. While we rest we have a protein bar and perhaps even a little gatorade.


As we come around the winding path we start seeing the water that was trickling through the ravine has now branched out and is a good sized creek.

Soon we hear the trickling sounds of water over rocks. Its a special music all its own. Soothing. Peaceful.


The sound evens back out and the sound of water moving is a gentle background noise….gurgling and rippling here and there as we walk.


The water is really spreading out now. We are now walking along a boardwalk like path. As we round the last curve we are greeted by a glorious vision of beauty.



Here we will camp for the night and hike back in the morning. Soon the stars will be coming out and we will have even more wondrous things to look at and enjoy.



This doesn’t always bring me all the way back to Happy. Sometimes I am just better. Sometimes I reach a better level of contentment. But it never fails to help center me and give me the motivation I need to go on. I could sit here and be angry and upset that I can’t go on that kind of hike anymore…or I could just immerse myself this way and also be content with the short maybe one hour hikes we go on. To enjoy the little moments while I am there.



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