Chocolate, Caffeine and just a tiny bit of Maniacal Laughing



Some days are easier than others. Its just a fact of life for me. So when a day comes that its especially tough, I fall back on my three. The three things that work….Chocolate, Caffeine and sometimes Maniacal laughing. Sometimes it gets the job done. I make it through the day.

Its hard to remember when you are trying to deal with a buzy schedule of being a Mommy, a wife, work, and chronic pain.  Its hard to remember to stop and just be. To decide….yes I am hurting but I can stop and enjoy this sunset. I can enjoy a butterfly on a flower. I can enjoy this chocolate bar. YES I CAN!

Its so easy to say I can’t. I can’t do this. I can’t face another day of chronic pain. I can’t face another day of barely being human.  So when you find something that works. Hold on to it with all your might. Think of it as a group on Web MD use to say…as your emergency tool box.

So I don’t have the best memory….sometimes this can be a good thing. When I rediscover something that helps me make it through the day. I do write them down, remembering to check the list however, another story.

I know I know I know, there is a sugar crash, a caffeine crash to look forward to. All I can say to that is, I do what I have to. Also hopefully that crash comes when I can just go to sleep.  For me though, these are okay. In moderation everything is really okay. Okay well maybe not crack or heroin or whatever, but you know what I mean. It all seems to balance out, The days that I am good and drink only water and eat healthy and walk the dogs balance out the days that I need what I need to get through.

Then there are the days where I just laugh at everything. I laugh at myself, I laugh at little things that really probably are only a smile. These are also the days that just breeze by even though they are typically not the best days. Sleep deprived high pain days are hard. Laughing is easy. Its just finding the little things to laugh at. The squirrels who tempt the dogs to catch them. The fact that my daughter was fascinated by the dogs pee or poo steaming. Hey, never said I was mature…Poop is still funny. Farts are hysterical.  Sometimes its a text at the right moment that leaves me in the grocery line laughing my butt off.

I am part irish so also part stubborn. This weekend I tried to go to bed early and stay in bed late. I did it. I didn’t feel any more rested. So up I get. Later there will be time for laying in bed and cuddling. When I want to do something I do it. Might not be the best idea for me, but I do it.

This is not to say I don’t have my pity parties. The people who know me can attest to this. I know it.  I have thrown some major pity parties. Ultimately though this is not who I am. I enjoy being Eeyore. But if you notice being grumpy or sarcastic really doesn’t stop Eeyore from doing. So sometimes I bundle the Eeyore around me and just do.

So in my tool box of ways to distract myself is

1. Chocolate

2. Caffeine…Soda or Coffee

3. Laughing….

4. Get my Grump on and just do

5.  Escape into a book

6. Take a walk…(the hardest part of this one is getting started)

7. Lunch out with a friend

8. Google relaxing images

9. Meditation and a nice cup of tea

10. A warm shower

A toolbox can do much to help get to the end of the day. For me most of the time its chocolate, caffiene and a little maniacal laughing. Its not perfect but it works. What’s in your toolbox?


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