This urban myth called Sleep.





   I have heard rumors that people sleep at night. Not this sleep and wake up every hour to two hours but, actually sleep. Like eight hours at a time kind of sleep. Its been at least nine years since I was able to sleep like that. First I was pregnant, and that’s a different kind of sleep and I don’t remember sleeping that long after the first trimester. The first trimester I slept like twelve hours at a time. Growing people is exhausting. At the time I was a tummy sleeper…as you can imagine after the first trimester that sooooo wasn’t happening. By the third trimester…..need I say more.
   I didn’t start getting sick til my daughter was a year and half. Actually thats probably not entirely true but that was when I noticed it. It suddenly dawned on me that she was sleeping longer and longer and I still felt like a brand new mom.Yeah something might be wrong there.

   Some nights I sleep four hours straight some nights I am lucky to get thirty minutes at a time. They call this a disruptive sleep cycle. I just call it sleep deprived. I like the nights that I sleep four hours at a time. Those nights I know why I woke up. Its a four letter word called…..PAIN. My body can’t stay in one position for that long. Oh yeah did I mention that sometimes just the need to change position wakes me up? I have taken many different sleep aids…None work. Well thats not entirely true. They work great the first night, possibly the second night too. After that I was getting four hours of sleep with them. We tried combining them with other things that caused sleepiness….I got to five hours once. 

   For the most part now, this is just the way it is. Sleep? Ha whats that? It makes life more entertaining to be sleep deprived. Like the other day when I was in Verizon and told the saleman my kid was four. She is seven and half. 

So all that to say, I am convinced this eight hours of sleep a night that people talk about….is actually an urban myth. It doesn’t exist. It especially doesn’t exist if you are balancing chronic illness issues with parenting. Oil and water people oil and water.

         If I am not awaken by the kid then its me. It could also be one of our pets. Did I mention we have three cats and two dogs? One of our cats is still in young cathood. Like under two…..think hell on wheels. He is the first cat we have had that likes to burrow under the covers. Cute when you are not sleeping…..because lets face it….even if you know in your brain you have cats… two am….You still wake up screaming when he brushes your bare leg. He also likes to bite toes…..not so bad when he is on top of the covers…….I will let you fill in the other .

    This is why coffee is god in the morning and mid afternoon Mountain dew rules the roost.


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  1. As amazing as caffeine is, and how much I depend on it, do you think that the caffeine intake can be contributing to keeping you up at night? Have you tried meditation, and yoga stretches before bed? Have you tried acupressure relating to your problem areas?


    • Yeah I have done it all. I still use meditation alot, I take melatonin. I limit myself to two cups of coffee and two sodas a day. I also have the wonderful side effect of dry mouth so I also drink on a slow day 60 oz of water and on a really super great day over 150oz of water. I also use this stuff called Natural Calm at night. Actually both my daughter and I use it. Its a calcium magnesisum mixture that works quickly. I can get to sleep. Staying asleep, is another story. I tend to take a hot shower about an hour and half before I want to be asleep and I do stretch in the hot sauna of the shower……They have no reason for why I can’t stay asleep. Isn’t that just Fantastic!


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