The Little things at the end of the day…..

The dogs on our favorite walk

The dogs on our favorite walk

So it comes to the winding down part of our day. Its Wednesday both my husband and my brother in law are working. Dinner is just for my daughter and I. We walk into the house to be greeted by three dogs ready for their evening walk. Of course my lower back is screaming at me to sit down. The idea is to get things going then take them for their walk.

Take out the salmon from the fridge where it was defrosting. Line the baking pan with tin foil…fish on foil..squirt some lemon juice on it….cover it in poppy seed dressing. Realize I never turned the oven on to preheat. Huge Sigh. Turn oven on to preheat and off to next task.

Move stuff in washer to dryer, this is a relatively simple task. My lower back said, “Ha ha ha ha ha thats funny…NO.” Through the haze that is now my brain I have an ingenious idea. “Maggie get the step stool from the kitchen and bring it to the laundry room.” I then instruct her on how to move it along. I sit down. My lower back screams: ” Thank you! Its about time!”

We now are almost to the walking the dogs part. One quick side trip to now put the prepared fish in the oven. Out the door we go. Three very happy dogs out the door. This is normally one of my favorite times to spend with my daughter, Maggie.  After the initial rush to relieve the immediate need. The dogs are pretty much ready to walk. Maggie insist on taking Trooper even though he can be quiet stubborn. Of the three he is also the oldest coming in at 14 years old. The new neighbors pull up and wave. Then look to me and say ” You have your hands full.” Um….yeah.

So we are now on our way to our favorite sidewalk to take our walks. A nice evening stroll was not in the universes plans for us tonight. We get down one block. The two little dogs are out. I believe their names are Willie and Felix. Well this quickly became a dominance thing and all three of our over sixty pound dogs are snarling and snapping. Maggie is screaming at me and at the dogs. I now have all three dogs trying to pull them back from the fence. Jasper is the first to come back then Trooper, and after some convincing and some whining…Max comes back. My back and knees are so mad now.  I love how these little fluff balls of dogs are so determined they can take on these big dogs. Such tenaciousness!  Back to trying to take our walk. But No….Jasper decides in the middle of the road….He is going to poop. Yes! This is perfect! Only my dog!

Down the way almost to the sidewalk. We have time now to discuss the little things. Like how hard moving laundry from the washer to the dryer was. All I could think of is if anyone just walked into this conversation, they would be appalled. Yes, yes my mind was very much in the gutter. Even though it was my seven year old saying: “You have to put your hand in and pull it out and its hard so you have to pull on something else and sometimes your head goes in and then you have to pull it all out and put it into the other hole and sometimes it doesn’t fit and you have to push really hard.”

Finally at long last..we are here…The boys immediately start peeing on every blade of grass and trying to stick their heads in the others pee and yes, yes even licking the blades of grass.I try really hard to ignore this part!

Then we hear sirens and the little anxious voice in the back of my head says.” You left the oven on. With food in it! Its the house burning down.” I say back, ” NO it hasn’t been long enough for that…It takes at leas thirty minutes for that. We haven’t been gone even ten minutes.” and we keep walking. I decide to tune into what Maggie is doing. Skipping merrily along in front of me with Trooper. “Mommy where are all the little bunnies? I want to see the bunnies.!”  I say,” I don’t know but its even———” I get cut off. ” What about the Turtles that are not turtles but something else. I see their holes but I don’t see them.” Ah the Gopher Tortoises. ” Well maybe they are out looking for dinner.” I decide I have had enough of a walk and that the Celebrex commercial that says a body in motion stays in motion, is really a tricky lie. My body is totally not buying this right now. So we turn around. Which is much easier said then done with three large male dogs determined to sniff everything and possibly pee some more on it.

We turn around and head back. This part was quite enjoyable. We managed to avoid any other dog encounters. Our conversations were mostly mudane, like why didn’t Max poop on the walk? Because Jasper pooped in the road and Trooper pooped in the ditch off the sidewalk, He should poop shouldn’t he mommy.  “He probably should.”

We are home. I kinda limp up the three measly stairs and my first thought is check the fish! Its burning! You destroyed another dinner! But no it was fine….perfect actually.

And this is how the little things such as walking the dogs become this huge task when you have a kid and a body that is falling apart years before it should.



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  1. I liked it!!!! As I sit here with my OA swollen knuckles thinking, “Oh since I can’t type I might as well read,” then I read and oh look I’m typing again…UGH!!! Then there’s almost passing out after getting my hair washed at the salon because my vertigo is raging again. Yeah all these normal things everyone takes for granted that become a zillion times harder way before “normal.”


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